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Greetings Mr Nde Wax Dey I am Newzy Mukulah an artist from Cameroon and i just released my debut single "Ca ne me laisse pas" which im still working on a promo plan, and so far its been broadcasted on boom tv and some local tv stations in Cameroon. The reason i am getting to you at this point in time is because i recorgnize you as a heavy weight in the entertainment industry and having followed some of your interviews on tv stations like boom tv, and seeing the platforms you create for young Cameroonians to exopress themselves in the world of arts and entertainment, i demed it a necessity to contact you. I am that Cameroonian who believes in hard work and team work. And i always recorgnize superiors who have gone ahead in this field like yourself. To be very scincere and open to you at this point in time in my career, i am facing so many challenges because most of the work is done by myself. I seriously need your support in anyway you can. I do music and i believe in music. Sir to cut it all short here is the link of my first ever video: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iH8vS7Bk5LQ There are several other songs i have composed and over 15 sound tracks recorded already but havent been released yet. I strongly believe you can do something that can transform my dreams from illusions into a living reality. Thanks alot sir for taking time to read through #Newzy Mukulah
hello Wax i like your song you are a good singer like dontom. oh sorry happy nw year i wish you a great in your carreer. i'm a cameroonian girl a smallest singer. so have a great day
Candy girl song rock for me. where is dance like an african on this site,pls i want to listen to that 1.
I must say you've grown alot musically, impressive!!!
Nice music. www.kolorowanki.o33.er
bsr la premiere fois ke je suis tombé sur vous s'etais au cameroun à douala a une emission télé vous presentiéez vtre album s'etais 1 dimanche l'emission etais jambo presenté pas tchop tchop ses là ou je vous ait decouvert vs m'aviez beaucoup marker alor j'ai decider de vous ecrire par ce ke moi meme je sius un passionné de la mussic (rnb)sauf ke j'ai des problemes avec l'ecriture mais si non je sius hereux de vous ecrire je sius camerounais de douala
Je t ai vu y a quelques temps seulement sur canal2international dans l emission jambo jambo,je t avoue que je te connassais pas alors j ai tout fais pour suivre ta music et les quelques chansons que j ai suivi sont plutot bien,j arrete pas d embéter ton manager au cameroun tres sympa d ailleurs!bravo,je t encourage. Un jour je sais que je serais comme toi parsque je suis aussi passionnée de music.Aussi sans arriere pensée t es joli comme garcon.biiisou
i want to meet you,i appreciate your evolution and i want to have a career like you to the music,i want to be an international star of music like tou and i want you to help you please. go head,you are the best. forgive my poor english.please and thanks
hi i'm a cameroonian musician based in bamako mali for the moment.Just want to let you know that i visited your site for many times,listen to your music,watch your videos,i want to express my satisfaction on what you are doing.In fact when i think of what our music is becoming,men,you are just great.hope to see you one of these days and have a jam with you,i can play little bit of guitar and piano.Take care my brother big up...
Great site!!
Greeting from Belgium, as sponsor of a similar ministry I applaud your efforts
hi,lebusa from deneysville i just wanna ask you if your company needs artist because we have a mixtape me and my friend,so can you please call me or email me,please love to hear from you a.s.a.p
Great job Wax. Keep it up
way2go bro.kipitup!!!
loved the website
Great! Keep it up Wax! I remember playing your music so often on CRTV-national radio(Luncheondate) and on TV (CRTV-HELLO).Just talking about this young and talented Cameroonian, was a real pride. Then one day your daddy surprisingly came to the CRTV-studio while my show was going on. Once the show was over, he said-"Thank you for helping to promote my son's music".
j'adore tout ce qu'il fait il me tue seulement, je suis trop fan de lui le l'aime grave
Nice music, keep up and take care bros
Hi big brother nice and keep up cause the resources and time investment of today is the bread of tomorrow. I wish you the best you inspire me to work hard God answers prayers.
Hi Terence, Keep up with the good works! As president of the UB Law Students Ass. (Cameroon) you proved your worth and resourcefulness. You possess great powers of positive thinking. Your songs are all great! Love them all! Leo-Berlin "UB Bed-Issue"
Your music is just so amazing. Keep it up brother. All the best.
You give me hope all day and i am really amazed just go on,,,God is with you
I'm in love with your remix of c'est la vie. Your music is simply lovely.
Hiya man, thatz really cool, nice music and wish ya big success. Just keep your style man.
Yo YO YO!phani WAx
Hey waxy.. Great video. Great sound. Keep on pushing.
As they say "a journey of a thousand mile start with a step". Let the sky be your limit and the depth of your latent creativity as the Atlantic. Just keep the flame burning and bear in the mind that there is nothing as important in art as impressing your mark on others and why groom others to join you in this lifelong dream. Cheers!
Great Site, keep making music for the Lord.
Im love it. Its got SOUL and flavor. Keep doing your thing.
Wax you bless with talents keep up my boy.. i am your number one fan
Papa i love your music,Good Job men. and take care
one word; "seductive"! love it love it love it!
Very Inspirational
Hej Wax, Cool music and site! Keep up! Job well done.
Hard Work always has a reward....it may time time Wax but its on its way...Surely you think you are way into it good news is ....with your hard work...theres more to come to you...
Great stride,wonderful results. I stumbled on this site while struggling to get information about UB alumni. I enjoy just every piece of yours. keep the flame. P
I love your music wax.I like the way you do what you want to do.may God bless you wax
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
u rock
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WaxUlax!!! Excellent Music, Great website, and Certainly you are smart, intelligent and innovative. Glad and proud to be your mate. Lol....
Hey Ndifonka! Wow, congrats man. I stumbled on your music going through my hi5 profile messages, and checked it out. I am really impressed my dear, keep our flag flying high! I wish we had more young Cameroonians out here making music in the US
The vicious icon in the name of WAX. An uncovered talent from the grasslands of cameroon. Small London AKA Akum.
Hi, i'm schoooler I’m new to the forum and just saying hello.
Siiyyaaaaammmmm!!!!Waxy boy,u too strongggggggg!!!U remember LaSound Entertainment 4 U.B with LaSound Music Awards,back 2 SaHeCo & C.S Mbengwi???Just take the world 2 another level of ur owm musical realm....
A great resource - many thanks!
Allez le Lion!!!!!!!
Nice to know good things are happening to all former presidents of the law society. get in touch so we could work something out for the launching of my debut novel No Longer At Home in Belgium and UK next summer. santos your successor at UB Law society
hey Wax, u're such an inspiration. continue making kmer proud.
You definitely are not dancing alone to the symphony of your thuds ... Keep doing your thing Wax, always knew you'd make it.
i just stumbled upon your site via facebook and must say i'm most impressed. you're definitely something special. i like the way you just throw all these rhythms together and come out with the most delightful sounds. your pidgin english and african language tunes in particular are fantastic. keep up the good work!
Awesome voice bro
good guest page. thank you.
Is there somewhere i can get ur cd in england?
Did i mention im now more proud as u come from my motherland Akum. miya
Hello there good to see u out there keepin a positive image of african music and making all the abakwa people proud.Stumbled on ur site accidentally and do agree that u shesans had the best choir in town.keep striving high and may the lord bless u always.ur songs are great.
Hi webmaster. Nice Work! :-) lol
Hey! sorry but you dont know me. I actually saw you on 3rd Degree last night (well, at least i think it was you!). The show was about child trafficking in Mozabique. i saw your name and picked up on your accent and from that i knew you were French-sapeaking, i just couldn't quite seem to identify which country you were from....until now (just looked at your biography!) Well, i'm also a fellow Cameroonian studying a Bcom Law at Wits. Never really heard of you (as a musician). like i said, just came across you on TV and was quite intrigued by your accent and the fact that you are so well versed in the English language. Well, will certainly look more into your music and other endeavours. And congratulations for last night! you spoke eloquently and with great conviction! hope you will make a great impact in eradicating child trafficking in Mozambique! lots of love
nice one post ur videos on utube biggest exposure.
You are doing your thing just keep up and do more,,i am also a songwriter and a hip hop musician,,,do your thing more grace to your elbow
Hi WAX, Congratulations on your successful CD launch at sophiatown Johannesburg last thurday.I am particularly happy to have been part of such a great accation. Keep us posted with your upcoming gigs. Regards, sammy
tu es très beau
Wax,I had the opportunity yesterday to follow up your interview at Kaya Fm. Alll the sound were great. You are an inspiration. Sammy at Bramfontein
This is a real pleasure to visit your website, www.waxexperience.com. Everything cool, just tell me what you are talking about in the this category?
All hello! Good site
hello wish u all the best and pl dont forget to send some of that ur sweet music down home we are proud of u remain bless
hey bro... I see that nothing can stop you... Once you set your goals you reach'em Just keep doing it, as you are doing it right! Christian
Hi I loved the topic. Hats off to your blog. Bye
Hi there! i resurfaced again. How r u? Waaaaoooo i luv ur tracks honestly! Ur beatings r soul searching...especially "butterfly". My best is "congossa"! Tis so nice! Ur music di...enter fo ear, commot fo mop...lol! Kip up de spirit bros.Am praying for u. Stay blessed Mara
hi hope u keeep up with all ur doings,its really great work ur doingout there,u its been more than 8years i lastly saw u hope to see u again,remember to sing a soung concernig this strike in cameroon that almost finih bda pple
hi big bro, just want to say more Grace to ur elbowl,may ur effort be passed via to all ur fellow brothers down here in akum,i am happy for u(MANYI NDIFONKA GARCE NDIFOR LIMBE)daughter,why don't u visit home since then?hope u do call her via74647067,take care and remain bless bye for now ,i really wish i do have one of this ur copy during the holidays u know i am a dormitarian i will surelly buy one after my G C E A /L.BYE FOR NOW BIH
Max, just like Abanseka J recalls, memories of those struggling musical days back in UB can't match ur present aptitude but did prepare u for this height. Go for ever greater musical strides. Great Job!
Wax Terence Ndifonka, remember you in your school and university days. U were always a great music and arts lover. Respect
Nde is a very youn talented singer and will go far in the musical industry. He will grow from strength to strength. Best of luck Nde!
Wow great site! Some really helpful information there. I’m sorry for little off-topic, but I want to ask you about design of this site. Did you make this template yourself or got from any templates website? Looks pretty cool for me. Wonderful well this reading.
African soul - best album I heard since Thriller! Thanks Wax- well done!
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Hi Wax, it was unfortunate I missed you in the USA but I heard you're presently in pays, could you give me a shout so we could relive the ol'days in SA? Still waiting to listen to the new releases; both yours and Peggy's
Hi Nde!!! Just finished listening to your new album(the one I bought in Dallas). Young man, your are a diamond in the rough!!! Soon, you will shine so bright that we will need sun glasses to look at you! Remember to be back in the US in August.
Hi wax, I was busy chilling in your website.Greet stuff. Still to play peggys CD I bought from u with Roland at Bramfontein. Wish you well in your endeavours. Take care sammy
Hi! I'm rather fat woman and whole my life I fight with my weight. and else and very creative : or . Much respect!
Hello, I just went through your website and discovered that your call as a musician was from God. I wish you the best and keep trusting God, he'll keep on Blessing you.
I'm impressed.keep it up bro.You were in UB right?The face is familiar
Wax, you r the very best.I really am pleased with what u have accomplished.Keep it up bro.Doesn't hurt to be associated with our own Henri Dikongue.
Hi Wax, Don't normally do this but I had to put some words down on this site. Sublime work. I can feel Richard Bona trembling in his shoes. Brilliant jazz vibes and oh so excellent cover of bulu bo windi. Love it. Get ur self out there, mate, the milky way is the limit. Wish you all the best. R A Maina
Hi Wax, I am happy to see that you pursued your dream and you are now on your way to the big league. More grace & God's richest blessings
hi ... i got a call back from KFM ...off air position
Hi, nice site!
Hi .... great website ... so i am still going to end up saying I knew him When judging by this web site sorry about today SMOOCHES THE GIRLS
Hi glad we met at Canal Walk today I really like ur website. hope to hear from u soon again Good luck with the KFM job. bye Jacques & Jo
hello wax u are wonderful guy.more grace to ur elboxs
Hey! Wax, Listening to your new single Loba La Maloba takes me back to December 2005 at the Arcadia Res when I used to wonder your staying up all night working in your studio while I watched TV . After Ali gets his arms and then this single, you're indeed an African star and your style remains unique though well blended!!! I'm looking forward to our next reunion...keep it up bro and God bless
Big ups Bra!!I saw you on SABC Africa- African views, you are an artist with great brains. Wish we can work together sometime!
Hey Wax, good joB! Keep the falme burning.
Waxi baby...I am so proud of you. I pray that God continues blessing your efforts...you followed ur dream.
Giving a shout out to a Cameroonian doing his thing. Just got a random email, and i heard the music seen the site. Surprised to find out it was a Cameroonian. Am usually the last to find out things like this, try to get on African Vibes Magazine.........more Success will come. Luck.
Hi Nice guestbook! thanks:)
Just can't believe this is real! I sensed shivers of amazement traversing my spine as i listened to your songs, Wax. The voice is so refined i couldn't even make it out. Men, keep it up. I am thrilled. Adiaba
just wanted to say that I am your biggest fan in more ways than one. I love the music you make. Plz continue to do what u were blessed to do, and that is to entertain and fill people's hearts with love through song. God bless
Hey Wax, I will be in Durban next month. Hope I will get a chance to meet you. Take care men'''
Hey Wax, I hope things are moving smoothly
Hey Wax how are you? It was real fun doing 'wehin wo' with you. can't wait to work teogether with you again.
Wax, am lost for words.Do you remember when we were struggling with music back at the university of Buea? Man,am so proud of you and whenever you're on TV,I make sure everyone around knows you're a personal friend.Keep it up boy.The FORE-GATES now have a 17 track album in the market. Well, let me just say the sky's your limit.
Hey Wax, I really enjoy your music. I attended one of your shows before in Pretoria. When is your new CD coming out. Let me know.
Wax, Last year at EMA, Nigeria's "2Face" got it... this year, South Africa's "Freshly ground" took it.... Hope next year, at this pace, u'll mos def bring it home...! I'm Talking about "The best african act" So keep striving for the sky coz that's where the real stars @.
kudos to u. just discovered this and its really interesting. got it from a fellow colleague.
Hey Wax-u just keep marking the strides,and u can b sure of reaching the height. If u happen to visit homeland,don't forget,u can always make ur voice heard! Goodluck
Loving the afrocentric nature of ur music. Just loving it . Keep up and remain BLESSED!!!!
Good mix.
Wax, This is formidable beyond telling. Many talents meet in you and you mine them from the quarry and use them. Your steeled resolve to succeed is a testament and replication of every true success story. Keep working, nourish the genius in you! Get God on board if you haven't. Wish you every success. afeseh.
Hey WAX,Just 5 years after we parted from UB you have transformed in to a big Star.I can't wait to see you when you hit the soils of United States in 2007.Good to see a fellow TAURUS making it up the charts.GOOD LUCK man and praises to the man above.
Keep up the good work. It has been 13 years since I last saw you. See you soon. This is your auntie in Dallas, TX. Hi from Yannick.
Hi Wax so happy with your progress and so proud of u too. Heard u were coming to Etas. when u come ,keep in touch.
Eh Waxie, I've been watching your progress bro. That's great. I always knew you'll make it. Akum stars are raised all high, and you are the brightest Akum star right now. Keep it up bro. Wish you all the best and God's ultimate guidance and protection. I'll keep in touch.
i had seen it coming."wax and the guitar in arizona minicite-night and day!" just keep the huge strides.congratulations
What a GIANT step WAX!. Six short years after UB and here you are, a super star. Accept my respect.
No comment but intersting to see a former mood court Wax transformed into a musical WAX. Wish you all the best
Hi Boy, With hard work comes success and I have from Buea always seem how much you displayed the unquenching thirst to make it in life... "Ali Get His Arm" is big as a debut but I believe the second album will bring the out the star in you!!! God Bless You
My encouragement and best wishes.
i really love your music.my favourite is "bulu bo windi". i dont know what it means but boy do i love the song.YOU ROCK.
great music, and really inspirational dat someone from Cameroon is making it work in SA. Hopefully others sitting on their bums all day long will learn a thing or two. It is also high time people out there know what Cameroon has got to offer in terms of different genres of music. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!
yeah boy, thats great,i,am happy to see one of ma pals doing it, men keep the flame burning,peace and love.
Wax, na u don go far so!!! i'm so proud of you small bro. keep it up. but how u troway me so.
It gives me orgasmic pleasure to see that one of ours has attained these heights....Wax has definitely hit the high seas and the golden fleece shall be his soon
hey waxo this is what we call creativity and innovations men.hey men more powers to your elbows and i think the finess is already there, the only huddle will be marketing. but meen keep up you are just great.take care
Waxi de Waxo, U ar'just a fabulous chap. Your album Ali Gets his Man was composed with unparallel elegance and enviable ease. I am privileged to have been one of your close peers when you were about releasing it. Keep up the tempo, dude. Eh, sorry, heard some hoodlum broke into their diplomatic acadia residence? Take heart lad. Hope he did not steal much?
Now a legend is born ! Keep up Wax. You are hardworking and talented.
Wax, I met your father and he was just so proud of you.Boh,you too much
Great work!As long as you staedily challenge yourself,you'll keep raising your own bar,and will eventually get the acclaim that your brilliance and hardwork deserves. I'm confident that it's only a matter of time...because you will,eventually.Nice!
hey ma boy more grease to ur elbow guy, let the sky not even be ur limit.Ma man u be na man ya weda dem tok say weti go ahead ahead god dey with you ya.Na so yi dey.
When we met at Braamfontein that night and you handed over a copy of your new album(Ali gets his arms),little did I know it is a piece of gold until I listened to it.I got crazy when I watched one of your videos over STV in Cameroon. Man You make me proud. More grease to your elbow.
Congratulations Bros, "Langwa, a Bato!" and keep the inspiration flushing. I really appreciate it!
Keep Up Men
Hmm.This is so totally cool!
Kool dawg. Must confess u got me there with the pic! I was like...OMG! thumbs up. Holer at me. We gotta work something together.
Always knew you could do it. Impressive, very Impressive.
I love your music. Let me know when the second album drops
boy u are doin great keep it up i would be in touch.FOIN
new looks good dude! God bless you.. Inno4te