Wax Dey

Loba la maloba



Loba la maloba You are the light Piercing through the darkness of the night You are the sun that wakes To light us through another day You are good, your are kindness You are endless righteousness In our day of distress You bring hope and happiness Your love falls like a waterfall Unto our hearts Jehovah is your name You will always be the same We loba la maloba (You are the lord of Lords) Wa nde we loba nya sam (You are almighty God) You are the mountain high and the valley low You are the azure sky, deep blue sea below Wande we kina kine (You are the king of kings) O nyolam wende muesse (Lord you mean everything) You’re the beginning and the destiny Lord in everything is your divinity We nwane di nya maloba muesse (You are God of all other gods) You are the peace filing our hearts through the lovely summer breeze You are the swaying trees You are the beauty in the lilies More than diamond, more than gold You are boundless riches untold You are passion pure and mild Like a mother to a child What is man without your presence You define our essence El Shaddai is your name You will always be the same Chorus nje ye se ne no wenge (Everything that I am) Nje yese na beni no (It is by your grace Nje yese ne no wenge (Everyting I have) Nje yese naledi no (It is by your kindness) O pudi naa mba (My creator, my shepherd) Na mbale ne mbene no (I will give you all the praise) Chorus